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Mastering the Diigo Bookmarking Tool

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Mastering the Diigo Bookmarking Tool

In Melanie Drouin’s ESL class at Cégep de Saint-Jérôme, students prepare for a debate using Diigo, a bookmarking resource. This web-based tool encourages sharing, indexing, comments, annotation and filing of online web-based resources which stimulates student interest. This tutorial’s objective is to help teachers get started using Diigo as well as to provide technical tips about how to use this resource in the debate activity described in the video’s associated story in Profweb - Diigo - A Web Resource for Article Collection in Debate Preparation. The tutorial should help shorten the learning curve for the software and provides tips for its effective use in an academic environment.

Localisation : 619, boul. du Docteur-Gervais Mont-Tremblant, Québec Canada
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Date : 2012
Auteur : Mélanie Drouin Visionner sa collection
Catégorie : Pédagogie
Numéro : 83329

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