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Whos that creeping through my window?

This person is a friend of mine. Growing up, we would talk about our issues concerning mental health and it inspired me to take care of myself better. I wouldnt want to break her privacy by telling overly personal things about her, but this shoot conveys some of the same themes a lot of people are familiar with. The fact that we all have this image of ourselves and are so self-judgmental that it clouds our perception of life. The reflection on the mirror symbolizes our self-image and the shaded part of the face symbolizes self-judgement in our darkest moments. That shaded part is contrasted by a glimmer of hope in a world full of anger and negativity, thus the red saturated tones.

Date : 2019
Auteur : Ibrahim Mahmoud Visionner sa collection
Catégorie : Art
Numéro : 123336

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