Le monde en images

(Auteur: Jacob Picklyk )
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Humans are known to have grown and adapted for better means of living acquiring intelligence as we go. For this we have made incredible advancements in knowledge. Although we advanced, we did not respect the other animals in our surrounding. We covered and destroyed fields of habitats in concrete to create our own. We deforested beautiful forests to warm our homes. We keep animals captive in poor living condition to make our own easier. To many animals die because of humans reckless actions. We do all these harmful things to our animal friends and environment without hesitation nor thanking.

This pigeon is a representation of all animals that have died from the path we've paved. To make us stop, realize, and acknowledge the consequences of our actions.     Respect.

Date : 2019
Auteur : Jacob Picklyk Visionner sa collection
Catégorie : Faune
Numéro : 118438

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