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Haïti koutje: documentaire sur Haïti.
koutje : Saisir instantanément le sens profond d'une situation, en un coup d'œil. Ce mot réfère également à un code spécifique de mouvement des yeux.

Capturing the deep meaning of a situation instantaneously with a strike of the eye. It also refers to a specific code of meaningful eye motion. Réalisation: Mélina Young, Youri Thomas Haiti Revelation Koutje coup d'oeil. What is Haitian movement culture? In Haiti verbal languages is greatly enhanced by a rich code of gestural language. This developed as a covert form of communication among people and has antecedents in native, European,African cultures. In fact, gesture preceded all human languages. The whole Haitian culture is an expression of an ongoing response to the environment—social, political, physical, spiritual,. This response is reflected in the day to day activities of the people's lives. It is these activities that offer the basic elements body language. Examples of these are the rhythm of planting the seeds, the posture of carrying a basket on the head, the enjoyment of negotiating a price in the market, the physical interaction among people, two women braiding each other's hair or the action of pounding the grains. All these activities and the social context out of which they come are the inspiration for the vocabulary of this uniquely Haitian language. I see the Haitian expression as being impregnated with metaphors, onomatopoeia, and silent gestures with clear meaning. Haitian movement culture is made up of three integral elements—music, movement and voice. It is inseparable from the community. In Haitian one can witness how these elements manifest themselves in all aspect of daily life as well as in festivals, the on an echo of the other. On this trip we will take you on a journey by recording all these sights and sound that make up the lifeblood of the country with the intention of giving you the impression of Haiti actively engaged in its movement culture. An attempt will be made to trace the effects of the country's history on its movement culture, from Aboriginal, to slave, to coloniser influences, through the period of instability to the current political situation. Koutje is the working title for this work. This word has many meaning in Creole. The definition that is relevant to this work is that referring to capturing the deep meaning of a situation instantaneously with a strike of the eye. It also refers to a specific code of meaningful eye motion. What is so attractive in Haitian movement culture? In my opinion it is because it is inspires the possibility for a fullest means of self-expression. As someone involved in human movement studies, I feel it is important to record this. It is a rich and beautiful language which deserves a more in depth look, a KOUTJE.

Localisation : Haïti
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Date : 2014
Auteur : Youri Thomas Visionner sa collection
Ayant droit : Geordanne Thomas
Catégorie : Société
Numéro : 112289

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